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AirCharge Wireless Charging Modules

Desk Accessories

Features Include:

  • Surface Mountable Units are the ultimate convenience in device charging.
  • Install this wireless charging transmitter within any desk, meeting table or other work surface; and enjoy the convenience of being able to charge smartphones and tablets without being tethered or having the hassle of finding a power point.
  • The aircharge surface charger is designed to wirelessly charge smartphones like the latest Nexus 5 and can be applied to any surface in your workplace or home. Available in a choice of finishes, this inspired product is designed to fit standard 80mm desk grommets, and is incredibly simple to install.
  • The aircharge surface charger can be applied to other areas of the workplace and home; our products bring power to the user offering a smart solution to keeping your devices charge up and a convenience that will add value to any environment.
  • For the office, home and public spaces:
  • Our new wireless surface charger
  • Wirelessly charge smartphones like the latest Nexus 5 with the new aircharge drop in surface charger, retrofittable to 80mm desk grommets
  • Charge at your desk, Our wireless surface charger is designed to fit standard 80 desk holes, and is very easy to install.
  • The ease of being able to set your phone to charge quickly, without fetching a charger or looking for a power point, is a lot more convenient.
  • Our wireless surface charger can be applied to other areas of the workplace, bringing the convenience of the wireless charging to the user in place like reception / breakout areas.
  • Our wireless surface chargers fit a range of desk thickness, and can be installed wherever the workplace suits!, Allowing your devices to stay charged wherever you are.
  • Over 40 million consumer devices are already wireless charging enabled.
  • 64 smartphones and tablets already support wireless charging technology, including Samsung, Nokia, and Goole: with the aircharge receiver and cases available for non-compatible devices like IPhone 5s see our compatible case for all options
  • Over 400 consumer electronic devices are compatible with aircharge wireless charging.
  • Charging in your car? Some models from Jeep and Toyota already support on board wireless charging, with many more manufacturers incorporating it this year including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche etc.
  • Aircharge are members of the Wireless Power consortium, and products are certified accordingly.
  • New innovations to come, including task lighting with an integrated wireless charging base.

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